Regional Communication Guidelines


Regional Communication Grant

The Regional Communication Grant will support the Regional Communication Coordinators (eleven regions) to strengthen inter-association networking opportunities, key regional events, and the regional newsletters (minimum four per year in conjunction with the Provincial newsletter and OMAFRA Crop Talk).

New in 2016 the available funding has been increased to $7,000 per year/region (not cumulative). Up to $4,000 of the $7,000 can be used for expenses incurred in preparing at least 4 regional newsletters, in conjunction with the Provincial newsletter and OMAFRA Crop Talk.

Access and conditions to receiving the Regional Communication Grant generally remains unchanged from previous years, and will be coordinated through the provincial OSCIA office. Funds allocated but not used within the OMAFRA fiscal year (April 1 – March 31) may be forfeited by that regional association.

Details and requirements for the Regional Communication Grant, claim form and communication plan can be found at the bottom of this page. Reporting template, along with steps for making a claim can be accessed here when they become available.



  • Regional associations are encouraged to leverage funds from outside sources;
  • Reasonable corporate and commercial advertising is encouraged; however, multiple full-page advertising is not recommended;
  • The Application Form and Communication Plan must be submitted (at the beginning of the Three Year Agreement Period) to the provincial OSCIA office for 3-year approval;
  • A complete and signed claim form is required, along with a communication plan. All programs or publications will provide for public recognition of the contribution of OMAFRA and OSCIA;
  • Listing of grant expenditures including copies of invoices marked “paid” with full signature of the suppliers or copies of cancelled cheques;
  • Claim forms must be accompanied by a copy of the corresponding regional newsletter(s);
  • An electronic version of a minimum of 4 regional newsletters per year must be sent to the provincial OSCIA office;
  • An electronic annual report is required and must be sent to the provincial OSCIA office before January 15 of the following year. Please refer to previous AGM reports for guidance;
  • Records must be kept for seven years so that the actual costs and expenses are available.

Eligible items include:

  • Labour, services and supplies;
  • Funding can be used as startup funds for coordination of, or planning of a new regional communication event.

Eligible projects are activities which:

  • Strengthen local associations and increase membership through high profile events;
  • Strengthen inter-association networking opportunities;
  • Organize key regional significant events;
  • Develop a newsletter that features leading technology produced for local members
    • OMAFRA must be recognized by all regional newsletters; approval of recognition is to be obtained from the Field Crops Manager, Agriculture Development Branch, OMAFRA
    • a minimum of 4 regional newsletters per OMAFRA fiscal year (April 1 – March 31) must contain OSCIA’s provincial newsletter and Crop Talk in their entirety (i.e. typically: June, September, November & March)
    • each newsletter shall include the prominent placement of the OSCIA and Ontario logos, and appear on the outside, front page
    • OSCIA/Ontario logos must be consistent with each other in size, density, weight and colour
    • newsletter not to be advertised as a commercial publication

Items NOT Eligible:

  • Postage;
  • Refreshments, nutrition breaks or food items;
  • Donations to other organizations;
  • These funds are not intended to support ongoing or existing annual events;
  • The Communication grant cannot be used in combination with another OSCIA grant (i.e. cannot be used towards the same project expenses)

Regional Communications Grant Application

Regional Communications Grant Application. Unavailable until further funding allocated.

Regional Communication Grant Claim Form

Regional Communication Grant Claim Form. Click to download and save to computer. PDF Fillable only works when using Adobe reader.


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