See your farm like never before with the Farmland Health Check-Up

Free assessments are available to farm businesses in the Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair watersheds and the Lake Huron southeast shores watershed

In partnership with Ontario’s Certified Crop Advisors, the Farmland Health Check-Up facilitates an assessment of challenging areas on-farm, focused on soil and pollinator health.
Three key fields on your farm will be assessed to establish both baseline farm health levels, and target levels.
The Farmland Health Check-Up provides farmers with a unique opportunity to work with a CCA free of charge.


Work with a Certified Crop Advisor to review the health and productivity of your farm

Contact an eligible CCA in your area to complete a Farmland Health Check-Up on your farm!

Click here for a list of eligible CCAs

*Only CCAs participating in the program are eligible to deliver the Check-Up, if you know a CCA who may be interested direct them to contact GLASI for more information.*

Discuss the specifics of your farm:
Water Erosion
Wind Erosion
Tillage Erosion
Subsurface Compaction
Organic Matter
Soil Life
Soil Chemistry
Pollinator Health


The Check-Up will be used to identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) that will aim to improve the health of your farm.  
Completing the Check-Up with a CCA is a prerequisite for the Farmland Health Incentive Program.

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Farmland Health Check-Up Workbook

Farmland Health Check-Up Coupon

In exchange for a Farmland Health Check-Up coupon, CCAs will provide up to three hours of their time to help farmers complete the Farmland Health Check-Up on-farm assessment.

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