Funds for Approved 2017 FHIP Projects

The Farmland Health Incentive Program Claim Form and In-Kind Claim Declaration form will be provided to applicants once their project has been approved by OSCIA.

In order to submit a claim, your project must be complete and operational, and you must be able to provide paid invoices for all claimed costs (except for in-kind contributions).

Proof of Payment

When submitting claims you must include invoices/receipts for all costs, excluding in-kind contributions. Acceptable proof of payment includes:

  1. An electronic image of a processed cheque along with a vendor invoice
  2. A statement from your banking institution along with a vendor invoice
  3. A credit card receipt or statement along with a vendor invoice

In-Kind Contributions

You do not need to submit proof of payment for in-kind contributions. To claim in-kind contributions, complete the In-Kind Declaration Form and read through the In-Kind Contribution Policy.

Ownership Structure

Incorporated Business

If you are claiming through your registered business, please ensure that you include your Business Number – your Canada Revenue Agency Client Number (RC Number) – as well as the correct spelling of your business name. Please ensure that the correct number/name combination is used; this should reflect how you will claim the income on your taxes at the end of the year.

Sole Proprietor

If you are claiming as a sole proprietor, you must provide the Social Insurance Number of the individual under which the taxes are filed.

Mitigation Guidelines

Please review the Mitigation Guidelines before you begin your project. Consider the potential environmental impacts of completing your project, and use appropriate mitigation to help reduce those risks.

   Mitigation Guidelines for Planting Projects

   Mitigation Guidelines for Erosion Control Work


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