How to Participate

For full details, see the pdf Participating in the Farmland Health Check-Up.

1. Complete a One Hour Orientation Session


CCA Orientation Presentation

Orientation sessions are held every Thursday at 8:30 am 

To participate in the orientation, you must complete the orientation registration survey:

Orientation Session Registration

If you miss a session, email with the next session you plan on attending.

2. Initiate Participation with Producer by Exchange of Coupon

FHCU COUPON For website

3. Farmland Health Check-Up Farm Visit and Assessment

Visit the eligibility page to see the eligible geography. Before you go, review the materials presented on the Preparation for Farm Visit and Program Materials pages.

4. Claim Payment from OSCIA in Exchange for Completed Check-Ups

Send a copy of the completed Workbooks and Assessments to OSCIA. This can be a hardcopy or a digital copy. After completed Farmland Health Check-Up Workbook and Assessments are submitted, OSCIA will send you a Claim Form. Complete the Claim Form and send it to OSCIA. Multiple completed Check-Ups can be submitted on a claim form.



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