Funding Levels & Evaluation Criteria

Project Cost-share

  • 50 per cent cost-share funding, up to a pre-determined cost-share cap, for projects under the assessment or audit, planning, skills development and training project categories (project categories 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3)
  • Up to 35 per cent, up to a pre-determined cost-share cap, for remaining project categories. Go to Appendix 7 of the Program Guide for a cost-share overview

Total Funding Available

  • Five-year funding cap set at $350,000 per individual farming operation
Six Focus Areas Eligible for Funding
A. Environment and Climate Change Adaptation*
B. Assurance Systems (food safety, traceability, animal welfare)**
C. Market Development***
D. Animal and Plant Health****
E. Labour Productivity Enhancement***
F. Business and Leadership Development***
* EFP Workshop required, ** Food Safety/Traceability Workshops recommended, ***GYFP Workshop required, **** Biosecurity Workshop required


General Evaluation Criteria

  • Completed applications will only be accepted during the intakes. All completed applications received in a given intake will be evaluated after intake closes

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant has completed and submitted a GF2 Enrolment Form
  • The application is complete (i.e. all steps in the application with the exception of Step 12, which is optional), any required conditions are met and required documentation is attached, including the Focus Area Project Information Form
  • Steps have been taken to ensure necessary permits and approvals can be obtained for the project
  • All Basic Eligibility Requirements have been met, as detailed on Step 1 of the Application Form
  • The project clearly falls within one of the GF2 best management practices (Step 7 Project Categories on the Application Form)
  • Applicant has acknowledged her/his agreement with the terms and conditions of GF2 cost-share funding assistance (Declaration on the Producer Application Form)
  • The applicant has attended educational workshops as required within each of the six focus areas above that are eligible for funding. Workshops include: Environmental Farm Plan (EFP), Growing Your Farm Profits (GYFP), Biosecurity, Food Safety and Traceability. Consult the Program Guide for details. Workshops schedules are available.

Merit-based Evaluation Criteria

  • The project must address a demonstrated need or business improvement as identified through various planning and/or assessment activities (e.g. Action Plan from Environmental Farm Plan, Growing Your Farm Profits Action Plan, Food safety Self-Assessment)
  • Application Evaluation Criteria are specific to each best management practice, and are detailed in Appendix 2 of the Program Guide
  • Only applications with the highest merit will receive cost-share funding

Additional Criteria

  • Innovation is key. Where a project presents a significant innovation to the sector or to Ontario, GF2 may provide up to 50 per cent cost-share funding, recognizing the project involves higher risk. This does not refer to projects under the assessment or audit, planning, skills development and training project categories. Projects considered for innovation funding must fall within the list of eligible best management practices.

Project Start Date

  • GF2 projects should not be started before funding approval is received. Any project work completed prior to the project approval date will not be eligible for funding.






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