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Are you interested in formalizing your food safety program? Have your buyers requested your business be certified in food safety? The OSCIA offers food safety workshops and webinars to get you started. While the workshops and webinars are open to all farm commodities, they are aimed at addressing food safety hazards from the horticultural perspective, and are most appropriate for those who do not yet have a certified food safety program in place.

The workshops and webinars introduce food safety risks common to most farms and the good agricultural practices you can put in place to reduce or eliminate these risks. The workshop will get you started on building a plan and identifying what you need to implement on your farm. The risks and practices are broken into topics shown below.

This in-person 2-day workshop covers all the topics listed below, in an interactive learning environment. The way in which good agricultural practices can be applied at the farm level might differ between individual operations.  Learning in a group environment allows for open discussions about how different operations might manage food safety.

The webinars run approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, and cover a single topic with each webinar. The webinars are offered through the online Webex system. You must have access to an internet connection and a phone line in order to participate. Webinars are not running at this time, but please see our listing of in-person workshops below.

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Upcoming Food Safety Workshops

Please note that EFP, GYFP, Traceability and Food Safety are two day workshops. For full details, please go to, log in and go to ‘Workshops’

If you do not see a workshop in your area, please contact a workshop leader to discuss opportunities.

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Workshop registration is now completed through the GF2 Client Portal at You may access the site as a New Client and register for a workshop. You do not have to apply for cost-share, but if you have already enrolled for cost-share on the portal, you can use your current login to access registration for workshops. If you have questions about workshop registration, please contact the workshop leader in your area.


Workshop Topics:

Worker Practices and Cross contamination

Everyday tasks in your operation can be a major source of food contamination if your workers are not following good agricultural practices. This workshop will demonstrate how critical the actions of your workers are in maintaining the safety of the food you produce. It will highlight the importance of worker training and how written procedures and protocols can be used to ensure the introduction of risks are minimized on your farm. By the end of the course you will be able to identify areas of cross-contamination and how to strengthen the role workers play in your food safety program.

Pest Control, Building Maintenance and Visitors

This module will examine the potential contaminants that can be unintentionally introduced to your product from the surrounding work environment, including from wanted and unwanted farm visitors.  Learn how to identify, reduce and eliminate these food safety risks, through face to face learning and activities.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Is your cleaning and sanitizing program effective? Did you know that dirty surfaces, debris on equipment and pooling water can introduce biological, chemical and physical hazards to your product? This module will outline the steps for effective cleaning and sanitizing and how to ensure they are being done correctly.

Soil Amendments

Did you know soil amendments, such as manure, compost and compost tea, can potentially be a major source of contamination? Soil amendments improve soil fertility, however they can pose a food safety risk if not properly managed. This workshop will explain the steps you can take to reduce the risks that can occur with improper application and storage methods and how to put these practices to use for your operation.

Pre- and Post-Harvest Water

The Water workshop is the most technical of the food safety workshops.  Sampling, testing and treating your pre and post-harvest water can be a tricky task, your workshop leaders will demystify these processes using case studies, clear examples and real life exercises.  By the end of the workshop you will understand how and when to properly sample water and how to interpret the test results.

Recall and Traceability (WEBINAR ONLY)

An effective recall program is critical to the success of your business. This session will discuss the importance of developing and implementing a recall program; equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to implement a facility-level traceability system and perform a mock recall.

Food safety webinars and materials are available in French upon request – please contact for more information.


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