Summer Edition / June 2020
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The quarterly newsletter of the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

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An exciting new direction for OSCIA
Hello Fellow Soil and Crop Members, After many months of careful planning and, yes innovation, the inaugural edition of OSCIA’s electronic newsletter is upon us and I for one cannot wait to enjoy all it has to offer. In 2019 a sub-committee was formed to brainstorm how this process would evolve. Led by Thames Valley…
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Help employees maintain positive mental health during the COVID-19
Many of your employees may experience a feeling of stress, anxiety and concern related to the coronavirus outbreak. As more and more people physically isolate or enter quarantine, supporting employees during this difficult time can be key to helping employees with their mental health while building a level of trust. Here are some tips to help...
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Article Highlights

A quick overview of this season's stories
Challenges facing our farmers during COVID-19
Anyone who knows a farmer understands that working in agriculture is a very stressful...
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Grain production farming during COVID-19
For many of us, 2020 is not going to be a year that we will think back to with...
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What is your account balance? Testing soil, testing manure
Questions to consider in balancing the fertilizer account include...
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Integrated weed management
“What is a weed?” That was the first of many questions that Craig Reid, ...
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The Weed Zapper
Last summer, our future daughter-in-law came home one day pretty pumped...
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Helping farmers make greener choices – End-uses for agricultural plastics
Dealing with the aftermath of plastics used in various production practices has...
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Innovative tile drainage project a first in Ontario
This project is the first to use controlled drainage on a sloped field in Ontario.
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Restored wetland brings back wildlife
“A lot of progress has been made through programs like SARFIP as people become...
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Silent Pastures: how can farmers help bring back grassland birds?
Since 1970, nearly 3 billion North American birds have vanished - a 29% decline.
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