OSCIA Resolutions

OSCIA members may present one or more resolutions at the OSCIA Annual Conference where they are voted on and, if carried forward, appropriate action is taken following the conference. Updates and responses are forwarded to the SCIA involved, the delegate who seconded the motion and are posted here. Click here for Resolution Guidelines


2019 Resolutions

Direction on Resolutions chart – click here

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2019 Resolutions presented during the OSCIA annual conference on February 5, 2019.

All resolutions have be sent to the requested parties and we now await responses. 

Please visit the site throughout the year for further updates on responses received, as the document(S) will be updated as responses come in.




Resolution #1 – Brant SCIA – Recycle of Biosolids and Reduction to Landfill

Resolution #2-6 – Dundas SCIA (CAP Funding for Continuing Education; CAP Funding for Grain Testing Equipment; Farmer Representation on Drainage Committees; CAP Funding for all Environmental Practices be made Province Wide; & CAP Intake Dates)

Resolution #7 – Glengarry SCIA – Succession Planning as an Eligible Expense Under CAP

Resolution #8 – Golden Horseshoe Regional SCIA – Resource Database to Provide Membership Value

Resolution #9 – Halton SCIA – Agricultural Leases on Development Lands

Resolution #10 – Manitoulin SCIA – Changes to Agricorp’s Forage Insurance Program

Resolution #11-12 – Middlesex SCIA (Variability of DON Testing Results & Agricorp Inconsistency in DON Policy)

Resolutions #11 (Middlesex SCIA) #13 (Oxford SCIA) & #18 (York SCIA) – Variability of DON Testing Results

Resolution #14 – Parry Sound/East Nipissing SCIA – Slow Moving Vehicle Signs

Resolution #15 – Prescott SCIA – Rating Hybrids for DON

Resolution #16 – Sudbury SCIA – Sandhill Cranes

Resolutions #17-19 – York SCIA (Researching Impacts of DON on Grain Marketability; Variability of DON Testing Results; & Deregistration of Older Pesticides)


2018 Resolutions

Resolution #1, Eastern Valley SCIA – Production Insurance for Fall Rye

Letter from Doug LaRose, CEO Agricorp on Resolution #1, #2 & #4

Resolution #2, Eastern Valley SCIA – Production  Insurance for Fall Rye Cover Crops

Resolution #3, Eastern Valley SCIA – Forage Masters Competition

Resolution #4, Rainy River SCIA -Spot Damage– AGRICORP

Resolution #5, Northumberland County – OSCIA Newsletters

Resolution #6, Elgin SCIA – Soil Health

Resolution #7, Elgin SCIA – Intensively Managed Corn Hybrid Trials (OCC)

Resolution #8, Elgin SCIA – Corn Quality Trials

OCC statement re initiation of DON testing  &  OCC statement re release of DON results (1)

Resolution #9, North Niagara SCIA – Mental Health Literacy and Training Program for Farmers

Resolution #10, Middlesex Soil & Crop Improvement Association – Neonics

Resolution #11, Middlesex SCIA – Grassroots

Resolution #12, Niagara South SCIA – Add Canada Fleabane to the Noxious Weeds List

Resolution #13, Niagara South SCIA – To Allow Postage as an Eligible Tier One Grant Expense

Resolution #14, Brant SCIA – Use of Biosolids

Resolution #15 – Grey SCIA – Recycling of plastic used on the farm


2017 Resolutions & Responses

2016 Resolutions & Responses


Additional Annual Conference Resources (by clicking here)


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