What is the purpose of OSCIA Grants?

OSCIA is providing funding exclusively to OSCIA local and regional associations to support key communication activities and on-farm applied research. The grants presented demonstrate further value to membership.

Sunflower in field, Photo by C. Schmalz

Success of the grants is achieved when strategic outcomes are realized:

  • Focused activities that align with stated OSCIA research priorities, or otherwise have the strong support of multiple counties/districts or regions;
  • Defendable applied research results that benefit the broader membership;
  • Capture the interests of members, encourage grassroots innovation, educate and build awareness;
  • Wherever possible, support projects that build on unique OSCIA interests, and its role in Ontario agriculture.

The OSCIA grants will present enhanced opportunities for local and regional associations to engage with project partners over a six month period. OSCIA grants are currently being offered for projects completed between April 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. 

Grant Structure 2021

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Tier One Grants

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Communication Grant

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For information on results from previous Tier Two Grants:

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