The Tier One Grant is available to support communication events such as: Educational Activities, Field Days, Guest Speakers, Bus Tours, In-Field Trials, or Demonstrations of New Equipment or Management Techniques.

These grants are one-year grants available to support OSCIA county/district or regional activities. Applications are submitted by your local/regional OSCIA association in order to be eligible for these grants. Please contact your local association to discuss options for submitting an application. You can find their contact information here




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The Transfer Payment Agreement (TPA) between OMAFRA and OSCIA supports Tier One Grants and stipulates the purpose of the funding is to evaluate, demonstrate, and communicate new crop production technology to Ontario stakeholders. This is to be achieved from the perspectives of production, innovation, economic and environment, with the overall objective to improve the sustainability of crop production in Ontario and to extend the information and experiences to Ontario stakeholders.

It is essential that the intended purpose, as stated by OMAFRA, is closely adhered to for those projects that rely on Tier One funding. These activities are expected to support the Ministry’s vision for successful and sustainable agri-food and agri-product businesses as well as the Ministry’s goals to increase competitiveness of the sector through innovation. The funding may also be used to increase membership engagement in local associations.

Up to $50,000 per year will be available to support eligible activities across the Province.

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Click on the application and claim form images to download the fillable PDF forms for your local/regional SCIA Tier One grants.

Application Form

Tier One application pdf form

Claim Form

Tier One Claim pdf form


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