Suggested Potential OSCIA Farmer Projects

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Potential OSCIA Farmer Project Listing

The following list of potential field project topics is meant to drive a discussion on projects that individual OSCIA local and regional associations might want to consider. It has been complied by the OMAFRA Field Crop Unit and others in light of OSCIA mandate to collaborate on projects more widely for the 2018-2021 funding cycle. Some of these projects are ongoing while others are new ideas. There is always interest in adding more data and opportunity for collaboration on any of the projects.

If any of these ideas are of interest to your group, please feel free to contact Ian McDonald ( or 519-239-3473) who will put you in touch with the right Field Crop Unit contact or supply assistance on protocol and procedures as appropriate.

The opportunity to submit applications for Tier One begins March 1st each funding year. Tier One is not a merit-based process. Applications for one-year proposed projects will be received throughout the year until the local/regional Association has reached the $1,500 maximum grant, or available funds have been exhausted for the year. Pre-approval is required, in order to ensure that funding is available for your project.


  1. QUESTION: How are the funds allocated/made available? 
    ANSWER: Grant applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as of April 1 of each government fiscal year up to the maximum eligible for each local/regional association (i.e. $1,500). Allocations (as applicable) will be granted to pre-approved projects. Projects that proceed without pre-approval from the Guelph office will risk forfeiting the grant. Claim forms for all Tier One grants must be completed and received in the Guelph office by February 28 of the same fiscal year.

  2. QUESTION: Is there a maximum amount that a local/regional association can apply for per year?
    ANSWER: Tier One has been designed as 100% cost-share up to a maximum of $1,500 per county/district/region annually.

  3. QUESTION: How much funding is available to support Tier One?
    ANSWER: Up to $50,000 per year will be available to support ALL Tier One activities across the province.

  4. QUESTION: Is Pre-approval required?
    ANSWER: Yes, Pre-approval is required to keep track of budget and manage expectations. We wish to avoid any disappointments resulting in a group going ahead with a project only to find out the funds have already been allocated elsewhere. With quick turnarounds, the need to get pre-approval should not slow anyone down as only one signature is required on the application.

  5. QUESTION: How many projects can each local/regional association apply for each funding year?
    ANSWER: Each county/district or region can make one or more claims, on pre-approved projects, until the $1,500 maximum per year is reached.

  6. QUESTION: Can the same project be applied for in the second year or funding?
    ANSWER: Yes, if that is the desire of the group. However, the final report for the year one must be submitted along with the new application for the second year.

  7. QUESTION: Can locals go together to pool funding towards the same project?
    ANSWER: Yes, local/regional associations may pool Tier One funding towards the same project/activity. If local/regional associations choose to pool resources for a project only one application is required per project, however all participating parties must be clearly listed with contact people. To trigger payment, each participating SCIA must submit a claim form with proof of payment.  This proof of payment can simply consist of an invoice from the lead SCIA to the partnering SCIAs indicating their portion has been “Paid”;


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