Please note that the funding for Tier Two projects is tied up for the next three years (2018-2021). The list of successful projects can be found under the Tier Two Grant tab.


  1. QUESTION: It has been mentioned that Tier Two is Merit Based – what does that mean? 
    ANSWER: Merit-based projects are competitive, where only a few projects are awarded funding dollars. These projects are to be about partnerships with multiple counties/regions, additional partners in industry, researchers, Certified Crop Advisors, etc. Collaboration is Key. The Executive will score each application/proposal and make the final decision on which proposals are to be supported.

  2. QUESTION: What type of project is OSCIA/OMAFRA looking for? 
    ANSWER: A proposal must fit into at least one of the four focus areas: Soil Health, Seed Health, Nutrient Management, and Other (this one will be an open door for the local/regional association to assemble a proposal in response to a major

  3. QUESTION: How will the proposals be scored? 
    ANSWER: Each submission will be scored on how it measures up to a number of criteria:
    First, meeting OSCIA Research Priorities (i.e. Soil Health; Residue and tillage management; emerging crop treatments and new crop development; Bio-economy impacts; and Manure and municipal bio-product management).
    Second, Partnering with other local/regional associations and outside parties.
    Third, the level of funding requested and the level of funding and in-kind contributions brought to the table by partners.
    Fourth, How applicable the work is to Ontario agriculture.
    There will also be points for innovation, a strong communication strategy and letters of support that confirm a 3-year commitment from partners.

  4. QUESTION: Will there be another intake later in 2018 or in years 2 or 3? 
    ANSWER: Not necessarily. Decisions from the first intake could lock up all available funding for the three years.

  5. QUESTION: Will smaller-scale projects with more modest budgets have a chance with Tier Two funding? 
    ANSWER: The objective is large-scale, 3-year projects. However, smaller scale projects may also be successful during the scoring period.

  6. QUESTION: Can proposals include costs for a skilled consultant (e.x. to assist with essential project tasks to ensure they are completed competently and in a timely manner)? 
    ANSWER: Yes, these would be considered eligible costs. The strength of the overall proposal will determine if it is successful in securing funding in the merit based scoring system.

  7. QUESTION: Will funds be advanced for projects, as most associations do not have the financial resources to support this calibre of project? 
    ANSWER: The Executive have approved up to 50% as an advancement to the approved projects underway. A formal written request must be provided annually by the project lead to the provincial office in order to receive the advancement.


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