Stuart Wright, 2020 OSCIA President

Stuart Wright, 2020 OSCIA President

Hello Fellow Soil and Crop Members, After many months of careful planning and, yes innovation, the inaugural edition of OSCIA’s electronic newsletter is upon us and I for one cannot wait to enjoy all it has to offer.

In 2019 a sub-committee was formed to brainstorm how this process would evolve. Led by Thames Valley Provincial Director Phil Oegema and including an outstanding group of RCCs, Regional Directors and Presidents, and a few head office staff, the challenge was great and the details were many but we have reached the launch point and the collaboration of all those OSCIA resources has paid off.

There are numerous ways that this new format will bring improvement and value to the Association. The talents and efficiencies of our tremendous RCC group around the province will be maximized. The quality of technical information and knowledge transfer will reach new heights.

Greater connections between regions will grow as greater awareness of what our fellow Soil and Crop colleagues are up to grows. And finally, the cost savings and potential for re-allocation of funds to priority areas will create new opportunities.

With changes there are always growing pains and I am sure we will likely experience a few with this bold new venture. We are convinced of the increased value for every member of the Association, and with your unbroken support and patience that value will continue to grow as we gain experience with the system and continue to innovate.

Deep gratitude to Phil and his talented group. From following this process, the Executive Committee is well aware of the time, effort, heart and soul that was invested here. All that is left, now and 4 times a year going forward, is for our grassroots members to click and enjoy.

Stuart Wright, OSCIA 2020 President

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