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Hopefully everyone in our region is healthy and coping with the “new normal” of the pandemic. Unfortunately like most events in our lives, most of the meetings and summer events are on pause for the foreseeable future. Here’s hoping we will be able to resume our local meetings this winter.

After last years’ rain-filled spring, we were due for the nice planting weather this year. As of early June, most of the crops in our region look excellent, though it is slowly getting dry.

I am always looking for ways to improve my own crops and farm and this year is no exception. I have some liquid vs dry corn starter trials, including starter using a potash coated with boron called Aspire, fungicide trials on wheat, continuing to learn how to grow winter canola and have created variable rate maps for population and nitrogen based  on our Tier 1 project last year. I encourage everyone that is trying something new to share it on the Golden Horseshoe Twitter page so that we can continue the discussion even though we can’t do it in person.

I would also like to thank Meghan Richardson for her time as our Secretary and Treasurer. Wishing her the best as she starts a new position with Halton Food for Life.


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