I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy in the midst of this very unusual pandemic.  I know that our work habits haven changed a bit, but the work still must be done.  We should all try to focus on the positive things that may have come out of these events. For instance, how we do business might be more streamlined, with more electronic correspondence (good to save a few trees). Certainly, we have been focusing on our family relationships here (staying in our bubble) … so that is a good thing as well.

This OSCIA Innovator Newsletter, while it was in the planning stages before COVID arrived, is an example of how we can be more friendly to the environment by creating less paper copies.  Thanks to all the hard work by the people who made that happen.

Congratulations to Grey County SCIA for organizing four virtual crop walks. All have been very interesting and extremely well done, especially in view that we didn’t know much about these things four months ago.  Thanks so much to Lorie Smith for her initiative and keen interest in making the technical things happen.

Our OSCIA summer meetings of course had to be reduced to “business only”, and online via Zoom meetings, because of the Covid pandemic.  I personally miss the social interaction that it has provided in the past. I know that Vice President Chad Anderson had put a lot of work in organizing a summer tour in his area…maybe next time Chad?

Congratulations to Joan McKinlay for winning the Tommy Cooper award.  Certainly well-deserved, as I feel that Joan emulates the mentor of this award very closely.

I hope that Mother Nature was good to you this year.  In Georgian Central Region, Mother Nature has been very choosey in where she drops her goods.  I have heard reports from corn dying because of drought, to dying because of too much moisture.  Here on our farm, I think that we are getting all the rain this year that we didn’t get last year. Which is why we are trying to focus on improving our soil health so that we can store moisture in the ground rather than have it flow off the surface into the streams. There are many programs that OSCIA supports to help with cost sharing on these efforts.

Good luck with the continuing harvest!


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