Submitted by: Cathy Dibble, Thames Valley Regional Communication Coordinator

As with most ag-related events this year, the folks at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) made the difficult decision to move to a virtual format for 2020. Doug Wagner, president of the show, said the show staff felt they needed to maintain a presence online, rather than cancel the show altogether.

Over the four days of the show, more than 5,400 attendees from across Canada and the United States viewed more than 160 available presentations online. All of these presentations, equipment demonstrations, plot tours and exhibitor spaces are still available for viewing.

Wondering if it is possible to be organic and no-till? Maybe by terminating with a roller crimper? OMAFRA soil specialist Jake Munroe explains the ins and outs of the system, results from 2019, and lessons learned for those who would be interested to try it themselves. Check it out in the OMAFRA exhibit area.

In the joint OSCIA/OMAFRA exhibit, OMAFRA’s Mike Cowbrough shares his research findings in herbicide trials for food grade IP soybeans. Watch a video discussion about grazing cover crops with OMAFRA’s Christine O’Reilly and OSCIA’s Steve Sickle, or see a hands-on demonstration of the Soil Test Manager app to learn how it can aid in your crop fertility planning using results from your own soil tests. There is plenty more information on a variety of topics within our show site.

OMAFRA unveiled two new AgriSuite tools in time for the show this year. Check out the Organic Amendments Calculator, which takes sample analysis information and combines rate, timing and placement of application, to determine a best estimate of available nutrients. See Field Crop News for more information. The Phosphorus Loss Assessment tool (PLATO) helps determine the risk of field scale phosphorus loss as it relates to site specific characteristics and management practices. An overview of this tool can be found at

While the show itself did not happen at the Woodstock site, many of the crop plots did! Input suppliers established plots to provide virtual tours, where you can watch videos covering 2020 genetics, traits, seed varieties and agronomic information in corn, soybeans and wheat.

Doug Wagner is pleased with how the event unfolded, saying the virtual show accomplished what they had set out to do. The show’s platform was a high-quality product with plenty of great information, tours, demonstrations and educational programming, something for everyone. While the platform ran smoothly in all aspects, Doug said it was a huge learning experience for his team with an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work to pull
it all together. While great weather in the Southwestern Ontario area kept many producers in the field, the show is pleased with the numbers for attendees, discussions, messages and bookmarked exhibitor displays.

If you didn’t get a chance to drop in to the show during September 15-18, it’s not too late. All of the presentations and demonstrations will be available for viewing until March 2021. Simply visit to access the demos, programming and exhibitor showcase. Admission is free.
You can find the OSCIA demo plot under “Exhibitors Showcase” and we are listed under “Show Sponsors”.

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