By Paul Legge, BSCIA Director

As I sit waiting for a last buggy load of corn to fill the trailer it allows me a hot minute to reflect on how hectic things are during harvest. The last two days I’ve been trying to find a quiet minute to jot some notes down and apparently that’s tough to do when you finally get a break in the weather. Life is busy, especially this time of year.

During these busy times the importance of a collective effort to fulfill commitments for grassroots organizations and initiatives becomes especially apparent.  As the old adage goes, “many hands make light work”, and we realize this both during harvest and in the organizations we commit to.  The spirit of volunteering is anchored in providing help not when it is convenient, but when it is needed. That said, I would like to give a nod to fellow farmers and others who continue to fulfill their volunteer commitments to the best of their abilities during harvest despite a hectic time crunch.  Your efforts don’t go unnoticed and are indeed very much appreciated.

As far as harvest goes, in Bruce County I think most beans are finally getting wrapped up. Here I would say we will just have an average soybean yield as it really suffered on heavy land when we got all the summer rains. The corn handled it much better and I think we are looking at above average for most farms around here. Hopefully the snow we got was the last till harvest is finished!

Wishing everyone the best with harvest and look forward to seeing everyone for our AGM late January (Jan 20 TBD). Details to come!  



All the best.




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