Request for Proposals

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to develop an online version (website) of the Farmland Health Check-Up (FHCU) workbook. 

A link to the current version of the workbook is found here: https://www.ontariosoilcrop.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/CAP-Farmland-Health-Check-Up-CCA-updated-May-2-2018.pdf

Thank you for answering our Request for Proposals.  

Submissions are being reviewed. 

Request for Proposal

Program Overview

OSCIA delivers the Farmland Health Check-Up (FHCU) program, a unique educational opportunity for farmers to discuss soil health and Best Management Practices (BMPs) with a technical specialist. The FHCU workbook, developed to address several areas of farmland health, guides these discussions. The 30+ page workbook contains over 50 questions. Answers are automatically scored and ranked into priorities as part of an assessment at the end of the workbook. Through this process, the farmer gains a deeper understanding of soil health issues, cropping practices and ideal farm conditions to work towards. The current version of the workbook is a coded fillable PDF, requiring extensive resources to input the data into OSCIA’s in-house database. The current format prevents adding, removing and/or editing of the questions without extensive graphic design and significant work to then repair the coding.

The desired outcome from this RFP is the design and development of an online workbook platform for the FHCU in a dynamic content management system format.


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