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Claiming Approved LEADS Cost-Share

Please submit claim documents to

Project Completion and Claim Submission Deadline:
September 30, 2022

Eligible Invoice and Project Start Date:
The date on which the Approval Letter is issued.

Steps to claiming LEADS cost-share

1. Complete your approved LEADS project

2. Complete and submit your LEADS claim no later than January 15, 2021:

Include all of the following required documentation:

  • Completed LEADS Claim Form
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Form
  • Copies of all paid invoices*
  • Proof of payment (see details below)
  • Completed Final Report questionnaire (sent by email to approved applicants)
  • In-Kind Claim Declaration Form (if claiming funding for in-kind labour or equipment use)
  • Minimum requirements must be met by all plans, audits and assessments.

All required claim documents are sent by email with the approval letter. If you require a copy of your approval, contact us at

3. Receive your cost-share by cheque or electronic funds transfer
*Eligible costs can only be incurred, invoiced, and paid for by the applicant
after the date on which the Approval Letter is sent.

Claims can be submitted by:


Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
1-367 Woodlawn Road West
Guelph, ON N1H 7K9

Proof of Payment

Proof of payment must verify who paid, who received payment, the amount of payment, and the date of payment. Proof of payment may be any one of the following:

  1. Copy of front and back of cancelled cheque
  2. An electronic image of a processed cheque
  3. A statement from your banking institution indicating to whom the processed cheque was written, or electronic payment made, and for what amount
  4. A credit card or debit card receipt or statement clearly identifying the amount and to whom the payment was made. (Credit card or debit card numbers and other information, including costs that are unrelated the project, should be blacked out.)

Electronic signatures

Claim forms may be signed by printing the form and signing the hard copy or by adding your written signature electronically. For guidance on adding your signature electronically, click here.

In-Kind Contributions

You do not need to submit proof of payment for in-kind contributions. To claim in-kind contributions, complete the In-Kind Declaration Form and read through the In-Kind Contribution Policy.

Arm’s Length:

An entity is considered Arm’s Length if they are not related, not affiliated persons, or otherwise controlled by another member or members. Refer to Section 251 of the Income Tax Act for the detailed statutory provision for determining Arm’s Length relationships. If you have any questions about whether a supplier meets this requirement, please contact: 1-800-265-9751.

Ownership Structure

Incorporated Business

If you are claiming through your registered business, please ensure that you include your Business Number – your Canada Revenue Agency Client Number (RC Number) – as well as the correct spelling of your business name. Please ensure that the correct number/name combination is used; this should reflect how you will claim the income on your taxes at the end of the year.

Sole Proprietor

If you are claiming as a sole proprietor, you must provide the Social Insurance Number of the individual under which the taxes are filed.

Have a question? Contact LEADS at 1‐800‐265‐9751 or