Written by Brandi McCabe, Dufferin SCIA Secretary

It’s a crisp fall night as I sit here and write this. We have been blessed the last week with sunny days and cool nights, a fall week we have all been waiting for. Bean harvest has been a challenge for some but many producers were able to wrap up in the last week and are moving onto corn. It’s hearsay that yields are holding strong across the county. Wheat acres may be a touchy subject for some, but others are happy with intended planted acres in, and positive future marketing opportunities. Some later planted wheat will need to be reevaluated in the spring and managed accordingly.

Dufferin County was pleased to be a part of the Georgian Central virtual crop walk series. The night fell on a summer stormy night allowing for a decent turnout for our first virtual crop walk. We had two local producers present to share their operations.

Bert Tupling, a local potato and beef producer gave us a virtual tour behind the scenes of a spud farmer. Tupling farms is a family run farm consisting of but not limited to wheat, alfalfa, barley and of course 1600+ acre of potatoes. Bert shared his knowledge in marketing, harvesting, storage and COVID stresses in the spud industry. Bert shared that he is a large operation that’s not just potatoes and selling crops; he and his family are trying to build stewardship into their land and make it produce in the best way they can.

Brian Lennox and wife Janette Lennox, local produce producers in Melanchthon gave us an inside glimpse into how they provide their community with healthy fresh local food. As a local, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Lennox Farm is their rhubarb. Lennox farm is one of the largest rhubarb farms in Ontario. In the winter months they grow 10,000 square feet of rhubarb in indoor facilities, and in the spring and summer have numerous acres planted outdoors for local consumption. Rhubarb isn’t their only crop they produce. They manage a road side stand with: peas, brussels sprouts, strawberries, rhubarb ice cream, and so much more. This is a must stop when in the Dufferin area.

Dufferin looks forward to our annual Seed and Feed show! Keep your eyes and ears posted for a date to come in the near future.







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