Weather Information from Ed Pridham, North Simcoe SCIA

Rainfall here in North Simcoe for August 2021 was 20.7 mm; the lowest in the past was 26.6 in 2019, with average since 2012 of 78.9 mm.  Here is a bit of weather trivia, as recorded by my weather station.  We went from May 5 to June 24 (50 days), receiving only 17 mm rain. Then we got 56mm in the next 4 days. Hmmm.  There is a bit of pattern to a sizeable rain around June 26 – not dependable, but a bigger amount of rain has been seen around that date in some years.  Also, notice the big drop in temperature in late May – we saw some frost damage.  I saw a few soybean plants killed, and a lot still hiding in the soil! We finally finished second cut on Wednesday (Aug 18th). It has out yielded first cut by 25 to 50% depending on the field. Now to other jobs – oats are nearly ready.


                       Heat and rainfall in May at Ed’s weather station

                                 Heat and rainfall in June at Ed’s weather station

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