By Kristen Carberry, Georgian Central SCIA President

To kick off harvest we started with a short window followed by driers tied up with wet beans and corn. About two weeks of not much happening… and then the slow and steady. However, those two weeks dramatically reduced the amount of wheat that was planned to make it into the ground. Previously planted wheat has had some typically “oxygen deficient” symptoms. Here’s hoping winter will be kind. It’s been busy with some hopping between beans and corn trying to get the job done but yields have been awesome across the board. However, there were some areas hit by hail in our region that unfortunately saw some yield loss. As we are on the last few loads today I am reminded of our next steps. Specifically, in this field (pictured: my eldest daughter, Madison).

That’s how we think now isn’t it? Field by field. Determining the fertility requirements and where they fit into the timeline. I’ve also been thinking about how diversification will help in realistic yield goals in addition to sticking with the tried and true. We are laying the ground work to get comfortable with some newer varieties and genetic packages that are the right tools for the job in some fields. We see opportunities in the markets to book in some strong prices, however the increase and lingering unknown of input pricing leave us wondering. Our strategy will be to not look at 2022 as a build year, but we need to continue to maintain and strive to achieve the continued successes we’ve seen this past couple of years as well. I think we have learned a lot and continue to respect and rely on the weather to give us the rain at the right time to pull it all together.

Wishing you all a safe harvest.

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