By Rob Kirkconnell, President Grey SCIA

Back in normal times my wife and I were fortunate enough to travel to Ireland for a holiday. On said trip, one of the highlights was going to see Guns N’ Roses live in concert in Dublin. Historically speaking, GNR is a band that rarely starts on time, so if you ever went to see them, you just knew (and accepted) that you’d have to wait.

Dublin’s show was no exception. As my wife and I were sitting in the stadium waiting for the music to start, another concertgoer seated behind us began yelling, “play Patience,” which GNR fans will know is one of the band’s more popular ballads, about, well… having patience.

The screamed request continued for the duration of the three-hour concert once Axl and the band finally took the stage, but unfortunately to this fellow’s dismay, the song was never played.

Now, whenever I hear the song Patience come on the radio in the tractor or on my algorithm controlled playlist, I always think of two things: that poor bloke in Dublin who most certainly went home disappointed; and more recently living in a COVID-19 world.

Everywhere you turn right now, things are slower. Whether it’s waiting on parts or Amazon not being able to live up to its one-day delivery or slower service due to a lack of staff, our world is turning faster than ever but it’s also slower in ways we’re just not used to.

While many of us want to go back to pre-COVID times and enjoy things like we used to, we have to have patience. In-person meetings are just one example. While GCSCIA wanted to have an in-person AGM and Seed & Feed Show, the committee decided it would be better to go virtual based on the continued inconsistency of the pandemic.

Having said that, the lineup of presentations this year is fantastic and includes an input market update, as well as Albert Tenuta of OMAFRA speaking about tar spot in corn and other diseases. We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 17, 2021.

As I wrap up my third and final year as president, there are numerous people I’d like to thank while I have the chance.

A big thank you goes out to the crop walk committee, which consisted of Jay Lennox, Justine Lennox, Carrie Davenport and Brandon Dietrich. It wasn’t easy pulling off a virtual crop walk, but this crew made it look easy and had lots of fun doing it.

I would also like thank the AGM planning committee of Ken Mitchell and Deb Campbell. Ken and Deb always come to the table with great ideas for presenters and ways to make the meeting more intriguing for attendees.

My gratitude has to be given for the team at Grey AG services and especially Lorie Smith who does so much work behind the scenes to help with Grey County Soil & Crop.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wife Courtney, the real writer in the household. Thank you to her for helping me with these addresses and always encouraging me to write more.

It takes a team to help run any organization and I remain appreciative for the team of people helping me. From our family and farm to yours, we wish you all the best this holiday season and plenty of joy and patience in the New Year!





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