SARPAL Application Forms

Complete the form that corresponds to the BMP for which you wish to apply. Submit one application per project. Completed application forms can be submitted to OSCIA via email (  starting February 14 2022 at 9am.


Note for Spring 2023 Tree Planting

Planting must be done directly through a Conservation Authority and prepayment for all services and fees must be completed with proof of payment submitted to OSCIA by December 15, 2022. The applicant must enter into a Tree Service Agreement (provided by OSCIA to applicant upon conditional approval of SARPAL Application Form). The agreement must be signed by the applicant and the Conservation Authority before being submitted to OSCIA for final approval. In the event that a Conservation Authorities not available to undertake the project (e.g. there is no Conservation Authority in your area, or they are unable to take on your project) an independent Planting Delivery Agent may be used. The independent Planting Delivery Agent must hold liability insurance of two million dollars or more to cover the activities outlined in the approved SARPAL Application and provide a copy of this insurance with the completed Tree Service Agreement.

Have a Question? Contact OSCIA at or (519) 826-4214