The summer has now flown by!  Wheat season has come and gone, and now its time to get ready for soybeans and corn to be harvested.

Fall is typically a time for small fairs, featuring local agriculture shows and competitions.  Fall is also when agriculture companies host crop days and crop tours.  2020 saw none of these fall traditions, as we hunkered down to stay safe from covid 19.

Now in 2021, with a vaccine giving us back some freedoms, there have been some opportunities to get out and share our farming knowledge and enjoy each other’s company.  Events held outside give us some opportunities to feel “normal” again.

As we feel a little safer getting back to a more normal life during a pandemic, let’s not forget to stay safe on the farm as we move into the hectic harvest season.

Quinte SCIA would like to wish everyone a fruitful and safe harvest!


Tracie Westington

Quinte RCC

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