What is OSCIA all about?

Ontario soil and crop improvement association (OSCIA), founded in 1939, is a unique not-for-profit farm organization. Our dedicated membership has significant representation in all commodity groups across the province.
We are widely recognized and respected as leaders in the delivery of educational workshops and incentive programs to the Ontario farm community.

Map of regional and local SCIA's

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Why Join OSCIA?

Why Join OSCIA Poster53 county/district associations encompassed by 11 Regions make up OSCIA’s network of innovative producers.
Field days, crop tours and local workshops are organized locally to introduce new methods of crop and soil management.
Farmers, working with farmers has been the motto of OSCIA for decades.
The Association is represented by more than 50 local county and district branches across the province and is a significant presence in all the major agricultural areas of Ontario.
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Vision Statement:

Actively seeking, testing and adopting optimal farm production and stewardship practices.

Mission Statement:

Facilitate responsible economic management of soil, water, air and crops through development and communication of innovative farming practices.

2020 Strategic Plan:

The OSCIA Board of Directors approved the 3-year 2020-2023 OSCIA Strategic Plan. Please find details by clicking on the image here:

OSCIA 2020 Strategic Plan pdf

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The four strategic priorities are:
  1. Generate Multiple Revenue Streams
  2. Cultivate Grassroots Engagement
  3. Expand Impact of On-Farm Applied Research Initiatives
  4. Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The lead committee groups for each of the four strategic directions will be meeting regularly to determine next steps, refine tactics and milestones. Tasks will then be provided to OSCIA staff to carry out and each of the priorities and their respective milestones will be reviewed by the board of Directors on an annual basis.

OSCIA 2015 Strategic plan

The OSCIA Board of Directors felt that the first round of Strategic Planning from 2015 was very worthwhile for the organization as a whole and you can find a summary here of the achievements that came from this strategic plan (click here).

The four strategic priorities from 2015 are:
Cover page of 5-year Strategic Plan

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  1. Producer Awareness
  2. Development and Delivery of Stewardship Programs
  3. Local Association Development
  4. Strategic Alliances and Addressing Consumer Concerns

OSCIA is a member of Agricultural Adaptation Council, Farm & Food Care Ontario, Ontario Agri-Food Education, Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, Ontario Forage Council, and the Soil Conservation Council of Canada.

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Association Structure:

Association Structure Pyramid